Feel safe at BeHoliday


In the face of the current situation caused by COVID 19, and to guarantee health and safety of our guests at Beholiday Apartments, we follow the protocol and procedures set out in the recommendation guide issued by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality. The cleaning of our facilities is carried out following these instructions and with the use of the recommended disinfectant products.

Beholiday Apartments holds the certificate of pesticide treatment and environmental hygiene.


  • We have modified the amenities set for our guest full protection.
  • Towels and linen with are washed at high temperature (+70º).
  • Separate collection and delivery rounds for dirty and clean laundry with no contact between them.
  • We have taken all carpets, and decorative items out of our apartments. Only freshly washed or disinfected fabrics are used.
  • We offer safety equipment to all our guests, during their stay.
  • We remind you that face mask use is mandatory.


Wash your hands often:

  • When you take off your gloves before and after eating.
  • Before touching nose, mouth or eyes.
  • After you sneeze, cough or blow your nose.
  • After using the bathroom.
  • After touching or cleaning surfaces that might be contaminated.
  • After using or sharing electronic equipment or any computer.

Disinfect your hands with hand gel frecuently:


To minimize risks, we have adapted our processes and we probably will not be able to welcome you upon arrival. We offer you, anyway, the possibility to send us online, your personals details for your registration form, and to send you back all the information that you may need to make your stay safe, comfortable and memorable.