“Raum XVII”, the next Michaela Zimmer´s exhibition


The next exhibition ahead o Michaela Zimmer is “Raum XVII”, a group show running throughout Art Week Berlin, opening on Thursday 13th of September. Housed within the Gemaeldegalerie Berlin you will find a room, numbered XVII. Noteworthy for its layout and conception, this room features works by eleven 16th-17th century Italian artists, ten male and one female named Sofonisba Anguissola (*circa 1531/1532 in Cremona; † 16. November 1625 in Palermo). In contemporary response to this room, Werkhalle Wiesenburg present abstract works by ten female and one male artist: Olivia Berckemeyer, Maria Brunner, Sabine Groß, Maria Brunner, Isa Melsheimer, Sonja Ofen, Hannah Regenberg, Sophia Schama, Sibylle Springer, Aaiko Tezuka, Florin Kompatscher y Michaela Zimmer.

More information: http://michaela-zimmer.de/en/works/


Text and photos: Michaela Zimmer/Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin.