Feel safe at BeHoliday


In the face of the current situation caused by COVID 19, and to guarantee health and safety of our guests at Beholiday Apartments, we follow the protocol and procedures set out in the recommendation guide issued by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality. The cleaning of our facilities is carried out following these instructions and with the use of the recommended disinfectant products.

Beholiday Apartments holds the certificate of pesticide treatment and environmental hygiene.


  • We have modified the amenities set for our guest full protection.
  • Towels and linen with are washed at high temperature (+70º).
  • Separate collection and delivery rounds for dirty and clean laundry with no contact between them.
  • We have taken all carpets, and decorative items out of our apartments. Only freshly washed or disinfected fabrics are used.
  • We offer safety equipment to all our guests, during their stay.
  • We remind you that face mask use is mandatory.


Wash your hands often:

  • When you take off your gloves before and after eating.
  • Before touching nose, mouth or eyes.
  • After you sneeze, cough or blow your nose.
  • After using the bathroom.
  • After touching or cleaning surfaces that might be contaminated.
  • After using or sharing electronic equipment or any computer.

Disinfect your hands with hand gel frecuently:


To minimize risks, we have adapted our processes and we probably will not be able to welcome you upon arrival. We offer you, anyway, the possibility to send us online, your personals details for your registration form, and to send you back all the information that you may need to make your stay safe, comfortable and memorable.

FIO 2019, from february 22th to 24th


The Extremadura Birdwatching Fair (FIO) will celebrate their 14th anniversary in 2019. Don’t miss this meeting point for professionals and nature enthusiasts in Monfragüe National Park from february 22th to 24th. The past twelve years of this event have put Extremadura on the European map of birdwatching and it has become the largest fair of its kind in southern Europe.

Come discover what makes dozens of exhibitors and thousands of visitors travel to the heart of Monfragüe National Park. The fair brings together the very best of nature tourism and ornithology in an open forum format: a broad presence of specialized companies, public institutions and conservationist associations, meetings among professionals from the sector, a programme which combines business and recreational aspects and, above all, the participation of experts and the general public in activities: technical seminars, professional workshops, a photography contest, guided tours and sessions for children.

All of the above takes place in Monfragüe National Park, one of the world meccas for birdwatching and an area declared to be a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Another attraction of the fair is FOTOFIO, which includes lectures given by Spanish and foreign experts, and a photography contest on the birds of Spain, regarded as one of the most prestigious on the national scene. In 2017, the contest reached its record number of 2,215 photograph submissions.

FIO is another tool consolidating Extremadura as a point of reference in nature and ornithological tourism. Birdwatching is an activity accessible for everyone and possible to do in the countryside and the city. This Extremaduran strategy includes initiatives such as the “City of Cáceres” Bird Festival (in spring), the Festival of Cranes (winter) and the “Birding in Extremadura Club”, a grouping of interests between the public and private sectors, which brings together more than 80 members.

FAIR SCHEDULE: Friday (10am-7pm), Saturday (10am-7pm) and Sunday (10am-4pm).

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Text and photos: FIO/BeHoliday Accomodation.

Peugeot releases a line of luggage 508 with details in Alcantara


Peugeot has eight new luggage and leather goods models on offer. The Trolley travel bag (with wheels) is perfect for plane trips. The Weekend bag and wash bag, boasting a great many compartments, are just the thing for longer voyages. The Slim and Trolley briefcases can hold a 17″ laptop, making them ideal for business trips. The wallet, cardholder and key ring add a touch of refinement to everyday life.

Line exclusively

The Peugeot Design Lab designers created a luggage line exclusively for the new Peugeot508. The style echoes the upholstery of the GT and GT Line finishes, which combines leather and overstitched Alcantara®. This luxury material produced by the Italian company Alcantara is the last word in sophistication and elegance. Durable and versatile, it has an unrivalled feel.
The new line joins the existing Peugeot range of luggage and leather goods. This wanderlust-inspiring line continues the brand’s efforts to diversify into areas other than motor vehicles.

The new luggage line is available in the online store. Prices range from €35 to €299, all taxes included.

Discover all of the products in the Peugeot lifestyle store at https://boutique.peugeot.com

Text and photos: Peugeot.

Beholiday Apartment hosting Michaela Zimmer


Michalea Zimmer has stayed at Beholiday Apartment during her visit in Cáceres. Born in Berlin, she is considered one of the most outstanding artist of her art line. She has chosen Beholiday accommodation during her visit in Caceres for launching of her exhibition No Synonymous in the local Galería Kernel (Kernel Gallery). The exhibition ends on September 22.

Zimmer pointed out the friendly and supporting  hosting received from beholiday and the wonderful location of the apartments.

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Text and images: Michaela Zimmer, Galería Kernel and Beholiday.


Nuevas fiestas de interés turístico en Extremadura: La bajada de la Virgen de la Montaña de Cáceres y la Semana Santa en Zafra


La Consejería de Economía e Infraestructuras de la Junta de Extremadura ha resuelto declarar tres nuevas celebraciones al catálogo regional de Fiestas de Interés Turístico Regional, entre las que están la Bajada de la Virgen de la Montaña, patrona de la ciudad de Cáceres y la Semana Santa de Zafra.

La Bajada de la Virgen de la Montaña cuenta con un destacado valor cultural, por tratarse de una celebración religiosa con gran tradición y arraigo en Cáceres. Se celebra el día 25 de abril y consiste en un recorrido en procesión desde su santuario hasta la Concatedral de Santa María.

Tanto en la explanada del santuario como en el recorrido y en su recibimiento en Fuente Concejo, en los aledaños del casco histórico, donde es recibida por parte de las autoridades civiles, religiosas y militares, participan miles de cacereños, quedando así patente el gran fervor que esta imagen tiene en la ciudad. A lo largo del recorrido, las calles están engalanadas y los asistentes lanzan flores para recibir a su patrona.

Para su designación se ha tenido en cuenta la originalidad de la celebración, en concreto el recorrido que la imagen realiza, sobre todo a su llegada a la ciudad, cuando se adentra en el casco histórico hasta la Concatedral de Santa María, por un enclave declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

Se ha valorado la originalidad del cambio diario de manto de la imagen. En este sentido, existe una tradición según la cual los fieles que acuden al templo a visitarla durante el novenario han de averiguar previamente el color de dicho manto, algo que resulta bastante curioso y es conocido en la ciudad.

Semana Santa de Zafra

En cuanto a la Semana Santa de Zafra, se trata de una de las más antiguas y con mayor tradición de las celebradas en Extremadura, ya que se estima su inicio en el siglo XV.

Es una fiesta religiosa con gran fervor popular que discurre por las calles, plazas y plazuelas del intricado casco antiguo zafrense, declarado Conjunto Histórico-artístico Nacional desde el año 1965. La celebración comienza el Domingo de Ramos y se prolonga hasta el Domingo de Resurrección.

La Semana Santa zafrense exhibe tallas policromadas y pasos como el del Cristo de los Desamparados, obra maestra de la ingeniería barroca extremeña del siglo XVII, de influencia andaluza, con rasgos propios de la Baja Extremadura.

56 fiestas turísticas extremeñas

Con estas tres nuevas incorporaciones, el catálogo extremeño cuenta con 56 Fiestas de Interés Turístico Regional. El listado no solo incluye las fiestas sino también aquellos acontecimientos o eventos que contribuyen a difundir los valores propios de nuestra tierra y que son de interés desde el punto de vista turístico.

Texto: Junta de Extremadura. Foto: Ruraplan.